Friday, February 18, 2005

Time passes

Today is my 12,601 day on this planet and in this life. At least according to the way I agree to perceive time and with the help of the website below.

My 10,000th day on the planet was January 5th 1998. I'd have had a party if I'd known. It doesn't stand out in my mind. My 20,000th day will be on May 21st 2025. That should be a dear diary moment but will probably pass by unnoticed even by myself. Due to my family enforced superstition I don't even want to *know* about the 13,000th day. That's a day just to stay in bed I think. And only 399 days away too.

If anyone is interested in finding out how many days old they are then click here


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Peppi said...

apparently I have been here for 13,134 days, beating you by some!! Hang on though...that's not a good thing. :-(


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