Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bonus bicycle

My annual bonus came through this week - yay ! Uncle Sam has had a pretty good go at it, and I have some household expenses to take care of, as well as buying an air ticket for my mum to visit, paying for summer camps for the boys etc. After all this I still have some left though ! Some that I can use just for fun, my mad money.

Of course I've been thinking of what toys I can buy. The idea of a big ass TV with surround sound in the bonus room still has a strong appeal. But the prices of the big TVs are still dropping and the technology is still changing. Beyond that there are things I'd like, but not need, and it won't change my life much. The one thing I realised I actually would like is a road bike, something I can commute from home to work on. It would help me get the extra exercise I want, wouldn't take a lot longer than driving and would actually be good for me. So I started looking at bikes this week. New ones are more money than I want to spend. Then I saw a local ad for a guy selling his 2002 bike which looks like a good start. He wants $500 for it - maybe he'll go lower. Supposed to be in good condition - I'll see it Saturday and decide.

Here's a link to the reviews for the bike.

What else could I buy ?


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Michael said...

So, when do you want to do your first century?

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Hmm. 100 beers in an evening ? It's a lot but I've been in training for a while now. How's next Saturday work for you ?

Oh, you meant on the bike !


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