Thursday, March 17, 2005

First ride

Tomorrow should be (weather permitting) the first day I ride my bicycle into work. I'm excited about, think I have a route planned out and am hoping my backside is up to the test of the new saddle - although it won't be surprising to find out that the saddle wins.

It should start off around 30F for the start of the ride and hit mid-50s for the ride home.

Today we had snow - this after it hit mid 70s on Sunday. NC has weird weather.

Friday morning now. I rode in although it was a cold start. It took 53 minutes (including an unscheduled stop to tighten my handlebars) and was 13.75 miles. The bike handled really well and the saddle didn't cause as much discomfort as I thought it might. I felt great when I got here. The only mistake was not buying more breakfast this morning at the cafeteria, so I had to have a Twix :)


At 1:27 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Cool! I thought about riding in to work this morning, too, but two things stopped me: I'd have had to have done it in biking shorts and a jersey, which was right out of the question, and I have to drive to a meeting in north Raleigh today for work.

Saddles are interesting animals - you actually really don't want a big, gel-y seat for long road rides.


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