Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Riding barefoot

My new bike came with clipless pedals. In order to be able to use them I need cycling shoes which will accept a cleat. The cleat then matches onto the pedal and is supposed to help you pedal more efficiently. I checked out a couple of local stores and didn't like the prices too much so decided to look on eBay. After some searching I found a pair of shoes which looked like they would work, six days from the end of the auction and bid on them. As you can see below, I was outbid twice. However at 10:10pm eastern time it looked like I was going to win the shoes. I went to bed happy and came down the next morning to pay. Only it turns out I didn't win ! Another guy - chrispavel - must have been sitting there monitoring the auction. With just 55 seconds to go he submitted a bid $1 more than mine and won !

Man, what a pro ! Hope the shoes aren't too tight Chris ...

Here's the bidding history:
chrispavel US $36.10 Mar-20-05 20:06:41 PST
chrispavel US $36.10 Mar-20-05 20:05:46 PST
53marsden US $35.10 Mar-16-05 16:04:00 PST
tjokie36 US $35.00 Mar-16-05 08:22:05 PST
53marsden US $32.75 Mar-16-05 08:35:26 PST
53marsden US $25.20 Mar-15-05 17:09:40 PST
elizwind215 US $25.00 Mar-15-05 11:00:10 PST
53marsden US $19.00 Mar-14-05 07:03:43 PST
elizwind215 US $15.00 Mar-15-05 10:59:55 PST


At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have the option, always bid right before the auction ends. Bidding early only raises the price you may have to pay because it gives others the chance to bid against you.
I won't even charge you for my helpful advice :)


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