Friday, April 14, 2006

It's here !!!

Spring's here !!! Certainly feels like it anyway. The dogwoods are blooming in my back garden ... I can wear just a t-shirt into work ... the humidity is getting up there ... sandals are replacing sneakers on my boys feet.

I love this time of year, particularly in NC.

I rode to work twice this week, and yesterday morning was started 56F, the warmest day to ride in of the year so far. No foot booties needed, and only one pair of gloves.

On the cycling front, I'm getting an average of 50 miles a week in at the moment, 180 since March 17th (the start of my cycling year). My first big ride of the year, a 100 mile jaunt "Ride for the land" for the Triangle Land Conservancy is not far away. Here's hoping the new saddle keeps on being comfortable.

Happy spring time !


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Joanne said...

We spent most of the daylight hours on Friday sitting in my parents backyard - Drew frolicked (as much as a 6 month old can) on the grass and we all got some sun. Spring has indeed sprung - which puts me in a sunnier frame of mind.


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