Friday, April 01, 2005

More news from the biking front

More news on the bike front. I've now ridden to work and back four times. It works out to be 26 miles round trip, although I do get a nice eight hour plus break at work in between. So far I've really enjoyed it - actually, I've enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. When you have a destination in mind it's very committing and not at all like being at the gym. On the gym treadmill I'll run for maybe a mile, then get bored and stop. Half way through a ride to work all that stopping does is make me later to getting to where I need to be. Enforced exercise works better for me I guess.

I was discussing riding with my ex-boss this week, also a biker. His goal this year is to ride 2,700 miles. Not that I'll be able to, but if I ride twice a week every single week of the year I'd be on for similar mileage. And that would be 2,700 miles less of gas and wear and tear on the car - the savings in gas are probably disappearing into more breakfast at the cafeteria though.

The ride home has more uphill in it than the ride to work, but last night I managed my best ever time. I ended up taking just under 45 minutes and had an average speed of 17.4 mph.

I can now see how people get compulsive about biking - who knew ?


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Awesome time on the ride home!

Don't know what my total mileage will be this year, but - assuming I 1) qualify for and 2) go through with the B-M-B, I'll have done 1796 miles between now and August 20th, not including training rides.

My thought for next weekend is that I should get new tires...which made me realize we didn't check out your tires. They're probably in pretty good condition, but I'd keep track of your total mileage. I've been told that nothing'll speed you on your way like a new set of tires, and you'll eventually want to replace yours.

(I'm replacing mine next week, before the brevet.)

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Thanks for the kind words. I was going to ride today, but the idea of being on a bike in a thunderstorm has very limited appeal. Scratch the 2,700 miles per year, although I do want to try for my first thirty mile ride on the road bike this weekend. Having just paid for a whole HVAC systems through the house the extra cash spent on things like bike tires will need to be watched. It's a big enough difference between that and my moutain bike that I'm still happy with the performance anyway.

Good luck for this weekend - hope you ride well !

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Did you ever scare up a pair of shoes and cleats for your pedals?


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