Monday, May 23, 2005

Who knew ?

This evening was one of those perfect weather moments you get in NC. The humidity is up slightly, but only enough to be pleasant. The bugs don't bite when you wear repellant with DEET in it. So armed, my youngest and I took our dog to the Eno River State Park, a short drive from our house. It's very pleasant place, easy parking, great hikes and a wonderful place to throw stones (even better if you're four).

We saw a snake, two lizards and another dog with a human attached. The new dog, having walked all the way down the path to where we were chose that moment to shake itself dry, right next to me. Yeah, thanks dog. Bad karma for you !

My youngest climbed on rocks, chased the lizards and then we headed back. Our dog was really excited to be in the woods and was chasing every little rustle she heard too. And then it happened, the one rustle too far. A forest toad moved at the side of the path and she leapt at it. One bite. And discovered just how bad a forest toad can taste. She leapt backwards, shaking her mouth, spitting as best as a dog can before resorting to foaming. If it hadn't been for the fact she had yet to travel back in my car it would have been amusing. Since she did I made sure the tarpauling was stretched completely out.

She's better now.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Sancho said...

So was it some sort of poisonous toad? I've had plenty of toad and never frothed at the mouth, perhaps it wasn't prepared correctly.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Poisonous - not sure. I just think it tasted really, really bad. Obviously not like those fancy-schmancy Californian toads you guys have out there. You have those as pizza toppings now ?

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Joanne said...

I can't imagine a toad would be very lickable at all. If a dog can lick their butt and get grossed out by a toad's taste, that has to tell you something.
Sancho, you just proved yourself weirder than I originally thought you to be. Congrats!


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