Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cold, colder, coldest

NC cooled off this last week. I rode into work on Monday on what turned out to be the coldest day so far of Autumn. Brisk wasn't the word for it. At about seven miles into the ride I realized I could no longer feel my feet properly. I set off in the dark at the moment (until the clocks go back), so I never even saw the frost on the ground till I was nearly at work.

I also rode in on Thursday and Friday. I'd prepared better for the cold weather so it wasn't quite as bad, or as cold. And I managed to get over 75 miles in bike commuting miles in this week ... over 1,500 since March 17th.

Unrelated, but I ate lunch with my ex-boss at the company's expense this week, and had a milk chocolate creme brulee for dessert. I was full before starting, but there was no way to not eat all of this. It was ohmigod good. I was so full at the end that I couldn't even manage a second cup of coffee. It was at Maggiano's. If you ever get a chance to eat it, don't pass it up.


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