Wednesday, December 28, 2005

long time, no posting

I'm beginning to think blogging may not work out to be a career for me. I keep thinking of stuff to post, but half of it just sounds like whining. I was going to post about the hernia op, but that would just be dull and full of words like "ow" and "more painkillers ... now !". Plus it's feeling much better, thankyouverymuch, to the point where I was even able to point on my own socks these last couple of days.

The one thing about it that kills me though is not being able to exercise for six weeks. A dream I remembered this morning had me riding my bicycle back in the UK. I could see myself riding 90 miles, and then woke up wishing it were true. Normally I just dream about stockings, so this must be important to push those thoughts aside. What ? Stop looking at me like that ! Sheesh ....

Still, putting my own socks on ... that's something.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

The fun thing about reading my friends' blogs is to see what trivial things may be on their mind on that day. I like hearing about the little things that maybe aren't important enough to discuss in person.
The no exercise thing must be killing you. Glad to hear about the regained ability to put on socks though!


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