Sunday, April 23, 2006

New toy: update

I thought I'd post an update based on Sancho's and Jo's comments. Both of you commented on the Xbox 360, which is the next part of the plan.

It started when I first heard about the ability of the 360 to integrate with Windows Media Center. I knew I wanted a PVR of some sort in the house, and I also knew that at some point I'd be buying the 360. That kind of sealed the deal in terms of the solution I was planning.

The first step was to then run a wired network downstairs through the house. I spent a weekend under the house drilling up into studs from below and praying I wasn't going through my hardwood floors. Fortunately all went well and I had four new hard wired ethernet ports, plus two new cable connection points for the TV and future PC / PVR hookup. I put in gigabit ethernet wire and switch and hid it all away in a cupboard. It looks very neat and finished.

Step two was the PC / PVR. Windows MCE means it will play easily with the 360.

Step three will be the 360, allowing me to stream TV across the network from the living room to the lounge. My wife will actually be asking me to buy the 360 soon, now that she's starting to see the benefits of our new toy. I'm really into how integrated all this is going to be - how I'll be able to stream my video across the network and not have to watch a commercial again.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Joanne said...

I'm excited for you! New technology is fun stuff. Good luck with the 360 battle :)


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