Thursday, August 04, 2005

Building the miles

I rode another 35 miles yesterday evening with Michael. We got round in good form, actually speeding up on the later sections of the ride. Our average speed was 19.4mph, and for the first time I went faster than 40mph, 41.6 to be exact. It felt quick to be on two skinny wheels going downhill on a left-leaning curve. And still two cars came past.

The scenery along the ride was glorious. There's a whole lot of rural roads near my house back in Orange county. I think we had one 30 minute stretch we were only saw two cars.

My legs have an exercised feeling today. Two days of riding in a row - none this weekend though. Spraying the house for bug control and cutting the grass is about as exciting as it's going to get.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Thanks again for the great ride last night. I'm hoping to get a ride in this weekend, but who knows, what with my schedule.

I was thinking this morning that the convenience store where we stopped to check what road we were on, right off of 86, I think, would make an even better stop than the store just before. The earlier store, on the corner of Walnut Church Grove and 86, seems like a tough/busy place to pull out into traffic, while the latter exits onto a quiet road.

By the way, the gatorade came out fine. Heh.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Thanks for coming along. It's definitely a route worth remembering, even if we do get chased by rat dog potential road pizza.

I agree, the second store on Phelps / 86 would be a better stop.


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