Thursday, August 18, 2005

Other possiblities

My job is OK. Relatively low stress, easy commute, fairly well-paid. A middle class sort of life, which is surprising since I don't really have a middle class sort of attitude. Or at least I don't feel I share the same sort of attitude as lots of people who live around me seem to have. It's comfortable enough though.

However I was wondering what other possibilities there are ? If this all went sour tomorrow what would I see myself doing next ? IT is always an option of course, but if I was to completely start over I don't imagine that's what I'd be doing. My personal two other possibilities are landscape architecture or custom furniture design and construction. Both appeal since they require design skills and would satisfy the creative side of me. Then there is also the engineering aspect to both which holds a strong appeal. Money would still be a concern, but if you're doing what you want then that probably matters less.

Anyone else ? What else would you do ?


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

Open a used book store. Not one of those overwhelmingly crowded - cant find anything type stores, though, and I would discourage mass quantities of Harlequin romance type books. Organized, bright and clean, maybe have an espresso machine to make lattes, sell homemade bake goods. Now that's an idea that I could go for.
Maybe you could craft me some benches or bookshelves?

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Paul said...

That sounds like a plan. I'm not sure how you compete a world with Amazon and Barnes and Noble though. I guess you specialize, sell those rare first editions and oddities. I once saw a book which contained original maps of the border drawn between the US and Canada. It was a large book and beautifully produced. It was of no use to me but I really liked it. Wonder if it's still there ?

Sure, I'll be happy to craft away.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

Used books hold appeal for a certain crowd - myself included - and the expense of new books would, I hope, encourage people to look for used.
ALWAYS pick up books that are unique and interesting, even if you end up selling it later. You never know if/when you'll see something like it again.


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