Monday, August 29, 2005

Rolling along

I've been staying off the bike in the past week since my knee was starting to hurt. I think - hopefully - I've addressed that by raising my saddle about half an inch. Bike setup is subtle but crucial since you're doing the same movement many times over - RSI galore if you get it wrong.

With that said, I'm now less than two weeks away from the MS150. There was a Team GSK training ride on Saturday to prepare for it. It was my first fifty mile ride, around the rolling hills of Falls Lake. Michael and I were the only ones to put our hands up when the group leader was asking who was going to be averaging 18 mph plus. There were 19 people there, so that was a surprise.

It turns out that fifty miles is possible for me. It's a long way and all, but somehow I've become fit enough to not only be able to do it, but to be able to enjoy doing it. There were four of us taking turns at drafting. Hills are still hills though, and that just requires you being able to make the cranks go round.

We had a ride time of 2 hours 53 mins for a 53 mile ride, an 18.3 mph average.

I even went moutain biking for a few miles with the kids yesterday. How I love my moutain bike saddle.


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