Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bike to work week day 4

My legs went from feeling creaky to feeling taut. There's tension in the muscles, like something could snap. I know it's not gonig to happen but that's how it feels.

My backside is still sore. Thanks goodness for the new saddle, I can't imagine what I'd be feeling like on the old one.

Hills are not an issue now though. The big secret is just keep pedalling. Don't stop. And it's almost the same kind of feeling as driving to work, that kind of auto-pilot you get on a familiar route.

There's a training course today with the group I work in, and then beers afterwards. I may be a little more lubricated riding home - I have no idea what impact it's going to have, but I'll try anything once.

And congrats to Sancho, who is thinking about one day possibly maybe almost beginning to sometime get serious about bike riding. You're already 99% of the way there buddy :-)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK legs, you don't like me and I don't like you ...

... but we're in this thing together so let's just make the best of it, OK ?

Day 3 of my bike to work week started slowly. Leaving the house I could feel that my butt was a little tender, and my legs really weren't moving like they were on Monday. The only thing I could do was sit back on the saddle and spin things out, hoping that it would get easier. The first couple of miles were pretty tough going, and then after that it started to be something I enjoyed. By the time I got to work I'd recorded my fastest time of the week so far, an average of 17.9mph. Hey, when you're on a bike you learn to deal in 1/10th increments.

As I was approaching the last hill on my ride, the lizard oart of my brain took over and I was stood up, sprinting. Stupid lizard brain.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sore backside week

As I'm sure everyone is aware, this week is national bike to work week. All across the country, tens of people are riding into work on their bicycles, dodging F150s and potholes.

Since I've been bike commuting for about a year now, I decided to take it as a personal challenge, with the goal of leaving the car at home all week long. It means a little more organization is needed, and a full pack each way, but I'm pretty excited about it. By the end of the week I'll have taken another 125 miles plus off my annual total, and I'm hoping it will get me in good shape for my first century ride of the year on June 3rd.

Happy riding all !