Thursday, June 09, 2005

Working out in the 21st century

I've started exercising in a slightly different way since it seems to be increasingly unlikely I'll make it to the gym on a regular basis. I purchased an Xbox title, Yourself!Fitness as an anniversary present to my wife. She likes it and it looks like a way for me to get motivated too. The idea is that you have a personal trainer who will help you exercise at home. So far, two weeks in, it's worked. I've kept to the suggested schedule, even felt like I wanted to go work out. First time around you perform a fitness evaluation to generate your baseline fitness, then the exercises you're given in the workouts will be matched to that baseline. It's an interesting idea, and actually works well.

Plus the trainer, Maya, is hot.

I'm more likely to work out
There's no expensive trainer to pay

Need to have exercise space around a TV
She never gets tired, never sweats (or glows, whatever it is women are supposed to do)

Improvements I'd like to see:
You work hard for 45 minutes. The sweat pours off you, yet you still keep up. After all that effort Maya really ought to take her top off. C'mon, just do it OK ?!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Everywhere around the world ...

... They're coming to America.

Forever in Blue Jeans.
Cracklin' Rosie.

Neil Diamond - how good ? Very.

Oh, and I passed my citizenship exam. Just need to take the oath in a few weeks then I'll hold full US citizenship. Which is nice.