Monday, August 07, 2006

Back for a bit

We're back from the first half of our vacation, getting ready to head out to the second half.

The first was wonderful, in the NC and Virgina mountains and foothills. We all had a blast. We've been gem mining, driven along the Blue Ridge Parkway (everyone should drive a portion of this at least once in a lifetime), stood on windy bridge on Grandfather mountain and even tried hiking to the top - it gets a little unnerving on the cables and ladders, although not if you're my five year old in which case dad is just a bit of a wuss.

The second half is all in Virgina - we're heading to a theme park (Kings Dominion - my oldest is getting the coaster bug!), to Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Road tripping is fun.

The Nintendos are wonderful for keeping the kids quiet.

I'll post pics later, after we get back.

Mysteriously quiet at Overground ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nothing much

It has been suggested by another non-posting blogger that things are getting a little dusty round here, that a new post would be appreciated. So an update. Nothing new to report, same old. Let's see - it got hot here, into the high 90s, which has put a little kink into my bike riding to work - basically I just wussed out. I did ride in Monday, but had to get a ride home after my tire went flat and my pump decided to break right then too. So only 13 miles this week.

Beginning tomorrow is our vacation. We're heading towards the Blue Ridge mountains, to Linville Gorge, Grandfather Mountain and on to Virginia to ride the Creeper Trail - 17 miles downhill with my wife and my boys. Next week we'll be at a theme park riding coasters, in Williamsburg and then in Norfolk. The kids have Nintendos to play in the car - an absolute road trip godsend.

So, another reason for me to not be posting for a while.